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The National Science Foundation has awarded our interdisciplinary group of UConn researchers a five-year grant, “The science of learning, from neurobiology to real-world application: A problem-based approach.” We aim to develop transformative models for graduate education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, training 50 students (including 25 Ph.D. fellows).The “Science of Learning and Art of Communication,” or SLAC, draws on subfields of cognitive science and neuroscience: genetics, behavioral neuroscience, linguistics, education, psychology, and speech-language-hearing sciences. See more

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Welcome new SLAC trainees;

Nikole Giovannone, David Saltzman, Brittney Hernandez, Ruth Mcleod, Jason Crutcher, Kirsten Reyna, Hannah McNeil














  1. Jan 24 ELP Info Session 4:00pm
  2. Jan 27 Connecticut Student Writers Submission Deadline12:00am
  3. Jan 28 UCAPP Info Session 6:00pm
  4. Jan 29 Neuroscience Journal Club - Palko12:00pm
  5. Jan 29 UCAPP Info Session 5:30pm
  6. Jan 30 Neuroscience Seminar Series - Antic11:00am
  7. Jan 30 InCHIP Lecture: Sheela Shenoi, MD, MPH12:30pm
  8. Jan 30 UCAPP Info Session 6:00pm
  9. Jan 31 Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Latanya Brandon10:00am
  10. Jan 31 DEV Brown Bag: Dr. Florencia Anggoro12:20pm
  11. Feb 5 Neuroscience Journal Club - Xing12:00pm
  12. Feb 5 SLHS Colloquium12:30pm


Congratulations to Stormy Chamberlain on your 3M NIH Prader-Willi grant

Congratulations to Betsy McCoach on your National Center for Research on Gifted Education grant

Congratulations to Ashley Parker on your prestigious award from the American Speech Language Hearing Foundation -- The Student Research Grant in Audiology. The title of the project is “The Inner-Ear protein Prestin as a Biomarker of Hearing Loss." Congratulations to Ashley and to her advisor, Erika Skoe!

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Upcoming Events

  • J Term January 13-15, 2020 - Oak

  • Talk Shop March 9, 2020 - Rainbow Center Talk

  • AttLis2020 March 17-18, 2020 - Rome Commons Ballroom


Two SLAC Core faculty, Emily Myers and Marie Coppola were featured in the IBACS Film Series. Each film is linked below:

Marie Coppola

Emily Myers

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