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Welcome to SLAC

The National Science Foundation has awarded our interdisciplinary group of UConn researchers a five-year grant, “The science of learning, from neurobiology to real-world application: A problem-based approach.” We aim to develop transformative models for graduate education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, training 50 students (including 25 Ph.D. fellows).The “Science of Learning and Art of Communication,” or SLAC, draws on subfields of cognitive science and neuroscience: genetics, behavioral neuroscience, linguistics, education, psychology, and speech-language-hearing sciences. See more

SLAC in Pictures


  1. Aug 28 Neuroscience Journal Club - MEETING12:00pm
  2. Sep 4 Neuroscience Journal Club - Sticco12:00pm
  3. Sep 6 UConn IDEA Grant Information Session4:00pm
  4. Sep 10 MRI statistical analyses methods, pain processing1:30pm
  5. Sep 10 Human Rights Film Series: FOR SAMA4:00pm
  6. Sep 11 Neuroscience Journal Club - Hardy12:00pm
  7. Sep 12 Neuroscience Seminar Series - Li11:00am
  8. Sep 13 ECOM Meet&Greet3:30pm
  9. Sep 18 Workshop: FreeSurfer Practical Workshop10:00am
  10. Sep 18 Neuroscience Journal Club - Pijewski12:00pm


Welcome to our new SLAC trainees

  • Nikole Giovannone
  • David Saltzman
  • Brittney Hernandez
  • Ruth Mcleod
  • Jason Crutcher
  • Hannah McNeil

Happy Birthday SLACers

Eiling Y - August 20th

Jennifer M - August 23rd

SLAC Upcoming Events

  • 8/29/2019, 4-6 , Arjona 307 - SLAC 2019 Fall Orientation
  • 9/11/2019, 9-12, Arjona 307 - Special Communications Event -Spitfire Strategies
  • 9/17/2019, 10-12:30, followed by lunch, UConn Asian American Cultural Center, Student Union, 4th floor - Diversity and Development of Cultural Competency Workshop
  • 9/27/2019, 1-3:30, Konover Auditorium, Dodd Center, Anne Krook will present, 'Job Searching Outside of the Academy; a program for graduate students and postdocs.' 

NEW from the Graduate School

Graduate Students! We know that it is difficult to keep a track of all the opportunities and resources available around our campuses, so we put them all in one place and grouped them into three categories: Personal Growth, Career Development, and Professional Engagement. Check out