Ask a Brain Scientist

‘Ask A Brain Scientist’ Series, a live-webinar sessions for 5 months to kids around the country (and abroad!) featuring Dr. Fumiko Hoeft and graduate students, Nathan Lautz and Megan Chiovaro from SLAC – an AMAZING lesson on magic/illusion (Megan) and sleep (Nathan)). It was a huge success.  Check out the Ask a Brain Scientist website


Dr. Fumiko Hoeft, Nathan Lautz and Megan Chiovaro teamed up with the Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry at UConn  – the  kids ALL made puppets and turned it into a brain lesson! Some examples are below:

  • A UConn athlete puppy and talked about exercise impact on the brain.
  • A puppet of Dr. Fumiko in a white lab coat
  • Puppets and a video on positive impact of pets on health
  • 2 brain puppets and the little girl now wants to be a brain scientist
  • A boy collected his own sleep patterns on fit bit and quizzed all of the participants on sleep and the brain


A playlist of all sessions that were taught (and honors project) 


UCONN article on Dr. Hoeft and ‘Ask a Brain Scientist’