Career Development

Embark on your exciting journey of career exploration today with the Let’s Get Started – UConn Career Prep Checklist  and explore all the resources at UConn Career Dev – Graduate Students

Where are you in your career exploration? Stop by Arj 323 or click on the links below to learn how to;

Know Yourself-Self Assessment Tools  –  wondering what your skills and interests are? Use these tools to find out…and start setting your goals.

Self Assessment Tools; 

  • myIDP – A career exploration and planning tool for the sciences.
  • ImaginePHDA career exploration and planning tool for the humanities and social sciences.
  • If you have a foot in science and a foot in social science/humanities then both ImaginePHD and myIDP will work for you

The Versatile PhD   will let you explore examples of career paths pursued by individuals with doctorates, complete with their resume, cover letter and thought process behind their career journey

Research Careers and Employers

Build Skills and Gain Knowledge

Gain Experience

Develop your Network

Prepare your Professional Materials

Communicate your Value

Conduct your Job Search

Videos covering all aspects of career development

SLAC Career Development Library in Arjona 323 – stop by & take out a book;

  1. So What Are You Going To Do With That? Finding Careers Outside of Academia
  2. A PhD is not Enough
  3. Networking for Nerds
  4. What Color is Your Parachute ?
  5. Succeeding Outside the Academy
  6. Navigating the Path to Industry
  7. Navigating-Graduate-School-And-Beyond a guide for graduate students and a must read for every advisor

Additional Resource; Pursuing Meaningful Work, A Strategies guide for PhDs and Post

Click on the SLAC Career Development for Trainees  for 10 helpful google docs filled with valuable resources for both academic and non-academic careers