Outreach Committee

Outreach committee

Aims at developing activities by which our scientific community can engage with people outside the ivory tower, getting them excited about and engaged with scientific content; we also aim to communicate (often implicitly) the broad variety of people who are scientists, and the variety of methods and ideas that they explore.

Current activities have focused on, for example, building an “Ask the Language Scientist” (The Husky Helper) webpage to which people can submit questions which will be answered by our community; putting on a community discussion of a scientific controversy as part of the Encounters project; and getting people signed up with Skype a Scientist.
Time commitment: whatever you can devote, at minimum, 1-2 hourlong meetings per month


Megan Chiovaro, co-chair
Hannah Mechtenberg, co-chair
Susan Tilbury
Marie Coppola (f)


Trainee Outreach

Community Outreach