Social Media/Publicity Committee

Science is meant to inform!

SLAC affiliates are students and faculty working at a top notch research institution- the University of Connecticut.  We are productive and, in many cases, award-winning researchers, but how is our work communicated to individuals outside of this circle?  Our reach may be limited to the handful of experts in our respective fields, those who read our publications. This is where we come in!

The Social Media/ Publicity Committee wants to broadcast your work to the world for a few reasons:

    1. As a service to future scientists. We need to make our work accessible to people who are interested, but maybe not ready to jump into the field.
    2. Direct implications for individuals who can benefit. Results from clinical work may have immediate utility for some. Those doing more theoretical work still have clinical implications in mind. This work may be just the missing piece to work in progress elsewhere or it may be the spark that ignites a whole new line of study.
    3. Shine a spotlight on SLAC. We are a unique group. The more who know about us, the more who will be attracted to this program. Other universities may want to follow our lead.

      To begin this process, we will be working with all SLAC affiliates to create short, easily digestible science nuggets, we’re calling TikTalks. We will also be recording all of the SLAC talks, when given the permission of the presenter and cataloging those talks here.

      Thanks in advance for your help in getting us started.


      The Social Media Committee

      Jen Mozeiko, Adrian Garcia-Sierra, Naomi Sellers, and Gray Freeman Thomas

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