Community Outreach

In the SLAC program we provide trainees and faculty with deep communication training. We recruited Co-PI Miller (an expert in science communication) to lead communication training plans that will produce NRT trainees who are not just multilingual, but who are able to speak plainly and clearly to scientists, non-scientists, and children using a variety of formats and media (in-person, print, video, web).   Communication training will prepare students to write and speak clearly for a range of audiences with a range of media. Communication, dissemination, and outreach.

We will connect educators, K12 students, and policy makers with our scientists and research (including continuing our Brain and Cognitive Sciences Research Digest for policy makers and general audiences, prepared wholly by trainees).

If you are interested in having our PhD trainees come to your school or organization and/or having your students come to UConn to learn about the research of the PhD students in the SLAC program and how it impacts the community, please email us at