Diversity and Developing Cultural Competency

Diversity and Developing Cultural Competency

Who:  SLAC Community

What:  We will have a workshop on ‘Diversity and Developing Cultural Competency’ as part of the the Professional Development course

When: Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 10-12:30. 

Where:  The event will take place at the Student Union, Asian American Cultural Center Main Rm – SU 428, 4th Floor. It will be followed by lunch with members of  UConn cultural centers.

How:  We want the workshop to be responsive to the concerns / needs / interests of participants so on the registration form you will have an opportunity to suggest topics or ask questions.  There will be one event featured each semester.  Register for the workshop and lunch here



a) Identifying social identities and one own’s world view


b) Assessing individual space (i.e. office, classroom, clinic, department, etc.) and how it does/does not create a Culturally Engaging Campus Environment (CECE, 2014).


c) Creating inclusive learning environments


d) Developing skills for culturally responsive interactions/teaching across cultures


(Facilitator: Angela Rola, Director, Asian American Cultural Center)