ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS now through February 1, 2019 for trainees (potential fellows of associates) to start fall 2019


  • Current 1st- or 2nd-year students strongly encouraged to  apply
  • Current 3rd-year students may apply, but it may be hard to complete the program and your dissertation, etc., as a 4th-year student
  • Must be sponsored by an eligible faculty mentor (currently, mentors should be from PSYC:BNS, PSYC:CLIN, PSYC:DEV, PSYC:L&C, LING, SLHS, ESPY, or GGS); normally, mentors and trainee candidates are from the same program
  • Applicants can apply to be a:
    • Fellow  (funded, only US citizens & green card holders)
    • Associate Trainee (not funded, access to incentive funds and full training program)


  • SLAC Seminar: 2-semester sequence (3 credits)
  • SLAC Practicum: Spring (3 credits)
  • SLAC Skills (professional development): both semesters (1 credit)
  • Outreach Seminar (1 credit)
  • Talk series – likely to be Talk Shop (Mondays 12:20)
  • J-Term Primers (attend all sessions and possibly teach one!)
  • Interdisciplinary research – participate in at least one of the Challenge Team research groups that will be forming
  • Annual Theme workshop (call for proposals for next year coming later this spring)
  • Stay actively involved in the program throughout your time  at UConn


  • Financial:
    • Fellows get one year of full support (no TAing!)
    • Incentive funds, travel support, training opportunities available to fellows & associates
  • Unique elements of grad training:
    • Training in science communication
    • Problem-based approach
    • “Challenge teams” (more information on this coming soon)
    • Preparation for academic as well as non-academic career paths
      • Internship/summer rotations with industry and non-profit partners
    • Extend our intellectual community in interesting directions

Email for further information