How To Make A TikTalk

The SLAC Social Media Committee (yes, we have one of those!) has been brainstorming on how we can best utilize today’s technology and platforms to benefit SLAC members. We believe that we have come up with an approach that will:
a) highlight the members of SLAC and add an extra dimension to the work that they are doing
b) increase accessibility of members, reach a wider audience, and amplify the signal of the research being conducted
c) be informative about everything SLAC related
How exactly do we plan to do this? TikTok, of course! Well, it’s a little bit more than just TikTok, but that is the origin of the approach that we have aptly named #TikTalks.
We would like you to record a 60-90 second video that serves as an introduction to you, the work that you are doing, and what you find interesting about it. Think of it as an elevator pitch that accentuates the broad, but fascinating strokes of your research. This format will assist in getting your work, research, and interests to jump off the page by providing a bite sized, palatable format for a wide array of people. Another goal of ours is to contribute to the burgeoning DIY, learning, and scientific communities on TikTok (and other socials) and cultivate interest in an organic, fun way. We view it as an actively passive networking strategy.
Here is all you need to do:
  1. Get a phone or computer with a camera on it
  2. Press record
  3. Introduce yourself and what department you are in
  4. Provide a synopsis on the work that you’re doing
      • This can be your thesis/dissertation work if you’re further along in your program
      • Projects that you are currently working on or plan to work towards
      • The work you do on a daily basis (e.g., professors, post-docs, etc.)
  5. Send the video to with the Subject line:
    •  “[your name] #TikTalks video”
That’s it! Just record a video on your device and then send it to us. We will do all the rest. We will upload the videos to the relevant SLAC social network channels (TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) and let you know when yours is posted!

This is meant to be fun, informative, and beneficial for everyone involved, so if you have a hard time thinking of what it is that you want to say in your video, then just reach out to us and we would be happy to help brainstorm with you.

An example video is here, but here are some questions/ideas to consider when making your video (from Busl & Capdevielle, 2012):

a) What is the topic of your research?
b) What is the problem, issue, or question that you are asking and addressing in your research?
c) Why is that problem interesting and important?  (i.e. So what?)
d) How does your work connect with a broader disciplinary conversation about this topic/problem in your field, and what does it add to that conversation?
We are collecting videos and will begin releasing them as soon as we attain critical mass. We will release 1 per week, so getting the videos in advance will allow us time to stay on schedule and follow up with anyone who hasn’t been able to find the time to send theirs in. Thank you for contributing!