Innovation Funds


Trainees affiliated with the SLAC program can apply for Innovation Funds for any innovative purpose so long as they are actively participating in SLAC (see definition of active participation). Please note that all proposals for IF projects should relate to the goals of the SLAC program, broadly defined. In order, IF priorities will be:

  1. Pilot funds to support new research ideas proposed by a team involving SLAC trainees from at least 2 PhD programs (note that divisions in Psychological Sciences have different PhD programs)
  2. Pilot funds to support new research ideas proposed by a team including at least one SLAC trainee and a faculty member from a different PhD program
  3. Pilot funds to support new research proposed by a single SLAC trainee
  4. Funding to organize training not available at UConn by bringing external personnel to UConn, provided it benefits the broader SLAC community
  5. Funding to travel for training not available at UConn, with higher priority for training that will have benefits to SLAC personnel in addition to the trainee who travels
  6. Other innovative activities – we cannot anticipate all possibilities; if you have an idea, propose it!
  7. Conference travel will be funded via IF occasionally, but only when: (1) a compelling rationale for innovative outcomes is provided, and (2) the trainee seeks other funding first and is unable to obtain sufficient funding from sources such as advisors, faculty co-authors, departments, or the graduate school. Highest priority will be given to trainee talks or posters where the trainee is the primary presenter. We typically will not support secondary co-authors or more than one trainee per presentation. ** PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE IF CONDITIONS ON CONFERENCE FUNDING WILL BE RELAXED UNTIL IF SPENDING CATCHES UP TO THE PLANNED BUDGET **

Regarding Innovation Funding:

    • We want to remind you that we will fast track applications for equipment, software, paying online participants, etc., that will facilitate working from home.
    • Note that funds can be used for any innovative purpose. This could be for training or equipment. Examples could include a laptop for research purposes (note that laptops remain UConn property when you leave), external hard drives, a specialized instrument, etc.
    • A small change: we will fast track research proposals for amounts up to ~$5000 (up from ~$2k) if they involve at least one SLAC trainee. A new consideration in our review will be the potential for innovation funding to facilitate external funding proposals (research grants, fellowship applications, etc.); this is a desirable, not required, dimension.
    • Another small change: we will also consider larger proposals, though the potential for leading to external funding will be a more important consideration for such proposals.


SLAC personnel, you can download the application form here, complete it and email it to


If you have received an award for innovation incentive funding, and you would like to extend the ‘spend by date’, please complete the extension form 90 days before the award end date or you may risk having the funds returned to the innovation incentive funds account.