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SICSFLAGS:  Career Advice for Job Searching Outside of the Academy  – Arjona 307, 11/12/2019, 10-11:30 am (Andrew Stokesbury, Magnolia Innovation)

Andrew Stokesbury will discuss his transition from Academia (Masters of Science in Psychology, Villanova University) to a short stay in market research and then to strategic consulting at Magnolia Innovation. He will discuss how this process differs from academia, and some pit falls he has seen. He will explain who Magnolia Innovation is, and what they do, strategic consulting in the healthcare space.

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He will provide context of a couple case examples to show the project life-cycle and what types of projects they complete as a company. PhDs, that are hired by Magnolia Innovation, are typically considered Senior associate level candidates unless they have specific healthcare/consulting/marketing experience (In which case manager/associate director may be more appropriate). He will speak at length as to what specific roles and responsibilities a senior associate has at Magnolia on any given project and review the application process used at Magnolia, again highlighting things that work and things that work less well in applications.

If time permits, he will review resumes. Check out Magnolia Innovation and Andrew Stokesbury below;

Andrew Stokesbury

The process to apply for an associate position is –  a resume review,  an initial screening call, a follow up screening call, an in-person case study, in-person interviews

Associate job description  –