SLAC Trainee Application

For students entering the SLAC program fall 2022, applications are requested by March 1st, 2022

Current 1st and 2nd year PhD students in any of our participating programs are eligible to apply to participate in the SLAC program. Current 3rd year students may also apply, but must keep in mind that it may be challenging to finish the SLAC requirements as a 4th year student. US citizens/green card holders can apply for fellowships; others may fill out this form to become an associate trainee. Fellows will receive one year of funding. Fellows and associate trainees will be able to apply for occasional additional funding opportunities. We will not have enough fellowships for all eligible participants; applicants eligible for fellowships committed to participating in SLAC with or without funding should simultaneously apply for both fellowship and associate traineeship status.


1. Training: Trainees must complete the following SLAC training requirements:
o 1-semester Foundations of SLAC
o 1-semester SLAC Practicum
o 1-credit Outreach Seminar
o 1-credit SLAC Skills (Professional Development) seminar

2. Other activities:
Trainees must commit at least to these additional SLAC activities:
o Commit to active SLAC participation throughout PhD, not just the traineeship year
o Attend the Skills seminar regularly after the traineeship year
o Attend weekly SLAC talks
o Participate in or launch a Challenge Team

Trainees must commit to the following at least once during their PhD
o Serve 1 year on a SLAC committee
o Attend the Professional Development seminar when relevant
o Help organize J-Term Primers

Please email your CV to as part of this application.