Talk Shop NBL/SLAC

All meetings are in Bousfield A106 at 12:20-1:10 on Mondays. Please keep in mind seating, lighting, pacing and slide design concerns regarding accessibility.

Talk Shop Fall 2018

Date Presenter Title Discussant
1/28/2019 Scheduling/Discussion Scheduling/Discussion Scheduling/Discussion
2/4/2019 Kayleigh Ryherd Interaction between Categorization Systems Across Language Ability Ashley Parker
2/11/2019 Dr. Ethan Weed Modelling Voice and Prosody in Adolescents with ASD Inge-Marie Eigsti
2/18/2019 Faculty Data Blitz
2/25/2019 Julia Drouin Why wait for lexical access? Examining the influence of auditory training on lexical competition for noise-vocoded speech Pam Fuhrmeister
3/4/2019 Nick Monto Charles Davis
3/11/2019 Chris Heffner 57-Row Excel Spreadsheets and Other Tales from the Academic Job Market n/a
3/25/2019 Monica/Sahil Nick Monto
4/1/2019 Ashley Parker Biological Indicies of Noise Exposure in College Students: A Repeated Measures Approach Nikole Giovannone
4/8/2019 Amanda
4/15/2019 Noelle Ashley Parker
4/22/2019 Yanina Prystauka Pam Fuhrmeister
4/29/2019 Zac Evkes David Saltzman