All meetings are on ZOOM until further notice at 12:20-1:10 on Mondays.

Talk Shop Fall 2020

Date Presenter Email Title Discussant Meeting Details Notes
1/25/2021 Myers/Theodore; Faculty Meeting n/a ZOOM Link  Annual faculty meeting; trainees get a week off!
2/01/2021 Faculty   The Language Sciences community at UConn ZOOM Link  This is held in conjunction w/ PSYC/PAC interviews to provide an overview of the langsci community
2/08/2021 CANCELLED due to lack of presenter…
2/15/2021 CANCELLED due to lack of presenter… ZOOM Link 
2/22/2021 William Snyder Children’s Grammatical Conservatism ZOOM Link 9
3/01/2021 Betsy McCoach How often is often? (And are vague quantifiers even ordinal?) ZOOM Link 
3/08/2021 Etan Markus ZOOM Link 
3/15/2021 Ashley Parker Blood proteins predict noise exposure levels ZOOM Link 
3/22/2021 Vicki Magley Workplace climate — special invited presentation; could alternatively do 3/29 TBD
3/29/2021 Erika Skoe The bossy and protective brain ZOOM Link 
4/05/2021 Letty Naigles Cog Sci Colloquium and other matters ZOOM Link 
4/12/2021 n/a n/a Spring break n/a n/a
4/19/2021 Jason Crutcher ZOOM Link 
4/26/2021 Kara Vlahcevic ZOOM Link