Widening the Lens of Translational Science through Team Science

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Yaacov Petscher & Nicole Patton-Terry

Florida State University, Florida Center for Reading Research

 Friday, 10/9/2020

12:30-1:30, Q&A 1:30-2:30

 ASL-English interpreting and CART (real-time captioning) will be provided

 The current debate regarding the practical implications of the science of reading (SOR) and its implementation in authentic school settings is controversial and polarizing. Although there are certainly disputes within the scientific community regarding best practices and new areas of research inquiry, most of the current debate seems to settle on what constitutes scientific evidence, how much value we should place on scientific evidence as opposed to other forms of knowledge, and how preservice teachers should be instructed to teach reading. While scientists continue to argue these issues in academic spaces, the public grows increasingly dissatisfied with what appears to be a lack of answers. As scientists, we are not detached from this divide. We are acutely aware of how research can be misused and misrepresented in the public space, and how that can lead to mistrust of the very scientific enterprise we engage in to improve outcomes for all leaners. Yet, while we are able to argue our positions in academic spaces, many of us are ill-equipped to engage with the public productively. Grounded in the debate about the science of reading, we will discuss these issues and present translational science as a potential solution to communicating about the science of reading effectively. In proposing a new model of translational team science, we will share of our respective experiences leveraging this approach to push the field forward and to bridge the divide between research and practice in our field.

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